Tesla Model S Catches Fire & Splits in Half after a Police Chase

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This is not a still from a Hollywood Movie, where a hideous, fire breathing monster is on the loose within the city. That is a stolen Tesla Model S in the picture, which split in half and burst into flames after crashing into another car and a lamp post, as the cops tried to chase it down.

Tesla S

According to local media reports, the driver of the car lead police on a high-speed chase after stealing the car from a dealership lot, but eventually lost control and hit a Honda Civic before finding himself crashing into a light pole. This caused the Tesla Model S to split into two pieces and burst into flames. Half of the car was on the streets and the other half was stuck between two buildings. The car reportedly hit speeds up to 160 kmph during the chase.

tesla crash

Three occupants in the Civic were injured and the thief driving the Tesla is in critical condition. Meanwhile, after the crash, Tesla wants to investigate the incident to understand what happened as not many Tesla S’s are involved in incidents like these. Witnesses to the incident said the Tesla’s batteries burst into flames and began sparking like fireworks.

tesla crash 254

Source: abc7

Picture Courtesy: Teslarati, ecomento

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