Tesla Model 3: All You Need to Know

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Here’s a quick trivia to begin with. Which is the largest automaker by market cap in the world? Hint: We mentioned the market cap and not no. of units. Got it? Well, it’s Tesla. Tesla with a market cap of $631.3 Billion leads Toyota and leads Volkswagen as well. And now, the largest automaker by market cap is all set to enter India by as early as June 2021, as confirmed by the govt.

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The first player from Tesla’s pavilion to set out on the ground will be the Tesla Model 3. The Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable car in its portfolio.

Tesla model 3 front end

Tesla is the king when it comes to Electric mobility and it will be entering India at a time when almost every manufacturer, homegrown and international have launched or will be launching or are working on developing an electric vehicle which might play into Tesla’s hands as Tesla has long been into the EV game.


Talking about the Model 3, it looks sleek, it looks subtle and it looks sweet. It carries a sleek design upfront with a Tesla badge with no “grille”. All LED lights upfront look razor-sharp. On to the sides, it looks neat and pleasing to the eyes with no unnecessary cuts. It flows extraordinarily well towards the rear. It glides on a lovely set of alloys, which might be 18,19 or 20 inchers depending on the variant. The rear looks well-proportioned and with a split tail setup and a carbon fibre spoiler.

Tesla model 3 rear end


The interiors are as lovely as the exteriors and are a vehicular embodiment of simplicity, minimalism and class. All you get is a Steering and a large touchscreen system which is frankly all you need in a Tesla. You can control absolutely everything via the 15’ touchscreen which is larger than the tyre size on a few cars. It gets 12-way adjustable seats, heated seats, wireless charging pads and some other gizmos. You also get auto park and auto lane change and Tesla’s very famous Autopilot mode which might be a bit irrational here because of our traffic, roads and drivers.

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Tesla Model 3 interiors (1)



Model 3 draws power from a Li-ion battery with dual motors which digitally distribute torque to both axles as required by the conditions. It is offered in 3 variants – Standard plus, Long Range AWD and performance with 0-97 kph taking 5.3s in Standard Plus and an outrageous 3.1s in the Performance. The range varies from 424 Km on the Standard Plus to 568 Km on Long-Range AWD while the Performance can go on for 507 km on a single charge. Tesla’s network of Superchargers across the world also helps charge up the juice in the battery, while a battery swap is also possible in the Tesla making it easier for the user.


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