Tesla CEO confirms meeting Apple; dismisses rumours of sale

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has finally confirmed having met Apple.

Speaking to Bloomberg’s Betty Liu, Musk confirmed the rumors of his company having been in talks with Apple but said he “can’t comment on whether those [conversations] revolved around an acquisition.” However, he did say that a sale between the two companies is highly unlikely because right now, he requires his firm to be focussed on their upcoming models.


Musk further revealed that the much publicized Model X won’t be unveiled until 2015 as the company is currently busy with working on launching the Model S in many markets around the world. He further said that the delay in the releases of the Model X is also because of him being a “perfectionist” and at the moment, he isn’t very happy with the model. Musk said, “It’s damn hard to make an SUV, in particular, that is beautiful and yet incredibly functional.

However, Musk feels that the delay in launch won’t affect the fortunes of the highly awaited entry-level model.

Source: Bloomberg

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