Team Hero MotoSports Wins 3rd Leg Of The Desert Storm Rally

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Team Hero MotoSports had a brilliant day at the ongoing Desert Storm Rally, as the team’s only rider, C.S. Santosh won the third leg. Adding to the celebration, this win was Santosh’s first stage win at the 2019 Desert Storm Rally. This was also one of the longest stages in the rally, as it had a 190 km run through the dunes of the Sam region, which turned out to be the perfect environment for Santosh to fight his way back into the race. His precise performance led him to a well-deserved win.

Hero MotoSports Team Rally rider,C S Santosh at Desert Storm Rally 2019[313]

The podium winners of the 3rd leg are: C.S. Santosh of Hero MotoSports came first with a total time of 02h 44m 30s, while Tanveer Abdul Wahid of TVS Racing, finished 01m 26s behind the leader. Adrian Metge of TVS Racing grabbed the third spot after finishing the race 02m 10s behind the leader. After the completion of the 3rd leg, the leaderboard standings are: Adrian Metge of TVS Racing stands 1st, with an overall time of 05h 16m 49s, while Hero MotoSports rider, C.S. Santosh is in the 2nd place with an overall time of 05h 23m 35s. TVS Racing rider, Tanveer Abdul Wahid is in the 3rd place with an overall time of 05h 32m 35s.

Hero MotoSports Team Rally rider,C.S. Santosh at Desert Storm Rally 2019[312]

CS Santosh also had to overcome a personal challenge on his way to victory, as he had crashed in the previous edition. Yesterday’s rally stage had turned out to be a bit chaotic, as the two loops and the re-join section made everyone lose their way for a while. This confusion added over 40 kms of extra riding to the already long stage of the rally. Today is the final leg of the Desert Storm rally, which will see the riders rush towards the last stages, covering over 81 kms in the Sam dunes before the leaders are crowned.


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On winning the stage, CS Santosh, Rider, Hero MotoSports Team Rally said “Today was the longest stage of the rally of about 190kms to be done. Last year I had a big crash in this stage so I wanted to get it right this year. I rode with a good rhythm today and had no problems in the whole stage. Everyone did lose their way a bit around the re-join section due to a wrong indication in the route map, but it impacted everyone in the same way, so no harm is done. Happy to cross the finish line today safely and now just one more day remains to bring the rally home.”

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