Tata Sumo Grande facelift to be called ‘Movus’. Spotted

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We reported in detail when the first ever set of Tata Sumo Grand facelift spy pics surfaced on the web world last year. Now, thanks to the good folks at Motorbash, we have got to know that the upcoming Tata Sumo Grande facelift will be sold as the ‘Movus’. The new Tata Sumo Grande facelift aka Movus is expected to be unveiled soon and would go on sale shortly thereafter. Click here to read about all the 40 odd cars that are coming to us this year. 

The Tata Sumo Grand facelift, nay, the Movus, will be unveiled under the company’s HORIZONEXT program, under which the manufacturer will launch every refreshed model that is coming our way in near future. Thanks to the fact that the Sumo Grande will go on sale with a new name, it is highly likely that it will be marketed as a more premium vehicle than the non-refreshed model.

While the Sumo Grande and the Movus share the basic design, they sport dissimilar front and rear fascias. There are good chances that the Novus will borrow the 2.2L DICOR diesel engine from the Grande. However, safely expect Tata Motors to re-tune the motor suitably. Currently, this engine produces a max power of 120PS and peak torque of 250Nm for the Grande.


The Tata Movus will also benefit from improved clutch and brakes, both of which will come with an enhanced life. The car will also get a shorter turning radius, along with an improved steering. 

Lastly, there are good chances that the new Tata Movus will boast of better quality parts than the Sumo Grande. The Upcoming Tata Movus is expected to have a starting price of INR 8.6 Lakhs.

Safely expect the new Tata Movus to greet you at the upcoming Auto Expo 2014.

Pics- Motorbash

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