Tata Nano to get more Variants; Details here

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As we have been reporting Tata is hell bent on changing the image of the Nano as a cheap car. Now, in a bid to portray the Tata Nano as a smart city car, Tata Motors is working on a supercharged version of the Nano. According to reports, this variant could be introduced during the festive season this year.

This will be the first time that Tata will be upgrading the Nano’s engine to help boost the car’s power output significantly. The supercharged Nano will be aimed at driving enthusiasts.


“Tata Motors is constantly working on upgrades, new variants, and new projects. We continue to look at new and refreshed products to be launched across various segments and, of course, test these vehicles and the same is applicable to the Nano,” said a company spokesperson.

Along with the supercharged Nano, Tata Motors is also working on a part-electric Nano called the Nano ‘e-rev’. This variant will help extend the Nano’s driving range as well as make the reduce the emissions from the Nano. It is learnt that the car is currently an R&D project. The Nano ‘e-rev’ is part of Tata Motors’ activities to prepare products for the electric vehicle (EV) market in India and overseas.


Tata Motors is also working to launch more electric vehicles in the Indian market in future. A company spokesperson says, “While we have high degree of technology-readiness and the programme offers several competitive strengths, it is difficult to predict the exact timeframe needed to create the right ecosystem for this to be a market-viable project.” Tata Motors says it is ‘actively engaged with government and other regulatory bodies in setting standards for the industry’.

With the launch of the peppier supercharged Nano, Tata will also be launching the AMT equipped Nano which has been spied by us.

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