Tata Nano emax CNG variant launch tomorrow. Pics, Specifications and Details

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The much publicized Tata Nano CNG, which will be sold with the emax moniker, will be launched in Indian car market tomorrow. The launch event is being expected to take place in Ahmedabad and here we have some details of the soon-to-be-launched production spec Tata Nano emax. It is being said that the dealerships across the country have already received cars from the first batch of Nano emax CNG.

The Nano emax CNG was put on display at Horizonext event, which was held in June this year. Compared to the car shown at the Horizonext, the production spec model gets a:

  • different color theme for the instrument cluster
  • larger steering wheel
  • higher seat
  • factory fitted fire extinguisher

The Nano emax CNG will come equipped with a 8 litres CNG tank, which will be mounted below the driver’s seat and is good for holding approx 6 kgs of CNG. The Nano emax CNG will automatically switch to using petrol once it runs out of CNG.

The car will go on sale in two variants– CX and LX. It is expected that the car would be almost INR 50000 pricier than the petrol sibling.

Safely expect us to update you with more info about the Tata Nano emax CNG.

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  • Harsha B says:

    How ?? How ?? How ??

    How ?? The 50K premium over petrol would be justified in terms of usage by buyer.

    This car is almost a city runner meaning less distance, which will never get equated with the premium amount paid.