Tata Nano diesel to feature a new front bumper

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Frankly speaking, we have lost the count of the times we have reported about the highly anticipated Tata Nano diesel variant. The Nano diesel can very well revive the fortunes of the Nano brand and give Tata Motors a push big enough to let it regain a lead over Mahindra cars.

The latest spy pic, however, has to be among the most revealing of all the pics of the Nano diesel that we have seen so far. As can be seen in the pic, the Nano diesel will sport a freshly designed front bumper that lends quite a sporty touch to the upcoming car. It is also being said that the car would get a new rear bumper and mildly refreshed interiors. The usage of a new rear bumper could have been necessitated by the bigger diesel engine that the car has to accommodate at the back. Another minor visual difference is that the Nano diesel has its exhaust pipe in the left, instead of having it in the center, like the petrol Nano.

With a really low selling price and a diesel engine that could stretch a litre of stickier fuel to almost 40kmpl, the Nano can easily be said to be the next big thing in the world of affordable motoring.

Powering the Nano diesel is an 800cc oil burner that has a max power output of 40PS. The engine is currently the smallest diesel engine in the world to have a turbocharger. The engine’s turbocharger comes from Honeywell and it is being said that the motor could have an ARAI certified fuel efficiency figure of as much as 40kmpl! This would translate into running costs so low that you might actually want to mock at some of your biker friends.

We won’t be too surprised to see the good chaps at Tata Motors unveiling the Nano diesel at the 2014 Auto Expo that is scheduled to be held in early 2014.

Pic: TeamBHP 

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  • Hi Krishna,

    The 40 kpl is the ‘speculated ARAI certified figure’ for the Nano and here the 40kmpl is not from us. But you may expect the Nano diesel to give around 30 kpl in everyday driving conditions and hence stated to be the next big thing in the world of affordable motoring.

  • Who said it gives 40KMPL? on what basis u guys are claiming that fig? You make assumptions and put numbers later if the the product don't mee those you only write it's not up to the mark or it's not upto the expectations…

  • Carbuyer says:

    Oh My God Really !! This is exciting news.