Tata Motors to hike prices of passenger vehicles

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As we discussed a few days earlier, the auto industry is gearing up for the second straight price increase in the first three months of 2011. After GM and Honda, it’s the turn of Tata to announce a price hike for their vehicles, and the hike is going to be quite a steep one, with all Tata vehicles poised get more expensive by Rs 7000 – 36,000. The price hike is attributed to the rising input costs. However, just like the previous time, the Nano has been spared a price hike this time around as well. It’s quite obvious that Tata Motors want to see more and more Nano cars on the road, even if that affects their margins.


While the Tata Indica will be dearer by Rs 7000 – 9000, depending on the variant, the Indigo CS will cost anywhere from Rs 8000 to 11,000 more. The flagship sedan of the company, the Manza, will be dearer by Rs 10,000 – 15,000.


In the UV and SUV segments, the Sumo will now cost Rs 13,000-15,000 more with the Grande mark II carrying a sticker price higher by Rs 16 to 19 thousand. The Aria, which is currently the most expensive car in Tata Motors’ portfolio, will get costlier by up to 36,000 rupees. The Safari SUV will also get dearer by up to 29,000 rupees. New prices will be effective from April the 1st, so book your Tata car now if you were planning to buy one. Waiting till April 1st after reading this bit of info will officially prove that you’re one of the people the date is famous for.


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