Tata Motors Takes Car Delivery During COVID Times To Another Level

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Those who are aware and alert, refuse to even step inside shops where employees aren’t wearing a mask or a shield or gloves according to their role. In such times, Tata Motors has taken car delivery to another level by sanitising vehicles and covering them in a plastic bubble before delivery.

Tata Nexon Bubble Wrap Delivery


In addition to such measures, prior to this, Tata Motors had announced the availability of products like an air purifier, air filter and sanitisation kits for a few cars in the portfolio. The carmaker was in the news recently for taking a dig at some rival products which came back with poor scores from the Global NCAP crash test. However, during the same time, Tata Motors also launched a campaign to raise awareness on road safety and post accident trauma.

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Tata Motors, in association with the MindPeers (a mental health tech service platform), today launched a special campaign – ‘Stop the Endless Accident’ – to raise awareness on road safety and trauma caused by vehicular accidents.

Image – Stop the Endless Accident campaign

Keeping in mind that accident survivors are not considered for conventional therapy and counselling, both Tata Motors along with MindPeers through this initiative aim to raise awareness on the importance of seeking counsel for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) caused by car accidents while also providing the survivors with a platform to narrate their stories to motivate others towards counselling.

Emphasizing on the Company’s stance on mental health, this campaign is headlined by a video, which begins with a narration of a survival story and how the moment of the accident replays endlessly in the survivor’s mind till date. The same is followed by stories and instances from the lives of other survivors who underwent a similar experience and suffer from the same PTSD symptoms, years after the incident.

Through the medium of these heartfelt stories, the campaign acknowledges and also informs others that a car crash can cause long term PTSD, if not treated right. As a part of this campaign and to give something back to the society and its people, Tata Motors has also stepped forward to provide one free therapy session to each of the survivors who enrol for this service.

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