TATA Motors T1 Racing season Two scheduled on March 15 at Buddh International Circuit

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2015 Tata T1 Prima Race Truck (81)

Tata Motors comes back with season two of the T1 PRIMA Truck racing championship. The event will take place at the Buddh International Formula 1 Circuit in Greater Noida on March 15 . Twelve racing behemoths weighing about six tonnes each will compete against each other at the racing championship.

The series, spanning two days, (day one March 14 will be dedicated to media) will use heavily-modified Tata Prima trucks that are capable of putting out 370 horsepower and reaching a top speed of 130 kilometers per hour driven by international drivers. There will be two Tata Prima races, Six – Lap Sprint Race & Eighteen -Lap Main Race; six teams will compete with each other in both races.


  1. Team Castrol Vecton
  2. Team Cummins
  3. Team Tata Technologies Motorsports
  4. Team Allied Partners
  5. Team Dealer Warriors
  6. Team Dealer Daredevils

2015 Tata T1 Prima Race Truck (57)

The entire T1 race has been planned and is being executed by Integrated event management and marketing company T.I.C headquartered in Delhi. Based on the expectations from TATA Motors, T.I.C. came up with an idea of Truck Racing which was a popular sport in international countries. Objective was to motivate truck driving as an aspirational profession amongst youth in India.

The Tata Prima T1 Modified trucks are inspected and assessed by FMSCI to ensure that they are race ready with fresh technical modifications including Optimized Drive Train for top speed of 130 kmph, Lighter aggregates for weight reduction, Lower chassis height (CG) for better stability, improved caster for better handling at high speed, New improved brake cooling system, bigger dia steering wheel for better ergonomics and efforts and New exteriors.


Below is the driver line-up for SEASON II of the T1 PRIMA TRUCK RACING CHAMPIONSHIP –

TeamDriver 1Driver 2
 Castrol VectorStuart OliverOly Janes
 CumminsMat SummerfieldSimon Reid
 Tata Technologies Motor SportsDavid JenkinsSteven Powell
 Allied PartnersSteve RotheryChris Levett
 Dealer WarriorsRichard CollettGraham Powell
 Dealer DaredevilsBen HornePaul Alan McCumisky

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  • anirudh says:

    You will get tickets for free. Just play tata prima truck racing games on their site…

    Don’t forget to thank me 🙂

  • Hi Gyan, the tickets are not on sale. They are available by invite only. We has put forward a query to Tata Motors about how can the interested fans avail of the vacant seats. We’ll get back to you soon on this.

  • gyan says:

    Will be immensely happy if only details of “where will I get the tickets from?” were mentioned on even a single website reporting about this event!