Tata Motors Releases A Set Of Measures For Its Employees To Fight Coronavirus

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The whole world is being affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-190) and the auto industry isn’t spared either. Many motorsports events have been called off to avoid large gatherings of people at one place and major manufacturers in the game are taking necessary precautions too. Tata Motors have released a set of guidelines and a response plan  for its employees which include the following:


  • Ongoing communication campaign on awareness, preventive steps and our role in fighting its spread.
  • Emails, posters and health contact meetings are being leveraged to reach out to employees, trainees, temporary, security, housekeeping, canteen and transportation staff.
  • International travel has been suspended and domestic travel that involves use of public transport (air, rail or road) is subject to approval by respective ExCom member.
  • Biometric attendance sgstem has been replaced bu card swiping.
  • Adequate supplg of hand sanitizers liquid soap and surgical masks arranged across our sites.
  • Housekeeping routine at our sites and in company provided transportation has been enhanced.
  • Class room training, meetings with more than twenty participants, internal and external events have been suspended.
  • Distance between seats in canteens has been increased and staggered/extended timings introduced.
  • Switch to virtual meetings with all our partners has been recommended.
  • Visitors to TML sites have been restricted and the few who come in are being screened.
  • Pregnant ladies and employees with chronic respiratory/ cardiac illness have been advised to work from home.
  • We are engaging with parents of children at our creche to explore options to ensure Our little ones are safe.
  • IT team has sent out a communication on tools available for remote working.

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  • Employees in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Quality, ERC and Warehouses across the country will continue to operate with strict adherence to above listed measures. Additional steps on hygiene and social distancing will be communicated by respective site leaders in coming days.
  • Employees in Sales, Service, Supplier Quality, Product Line and ME functions should connect with our external partners and colleagues in the organization virtually wherever possible. If field visit is necessary, reach out to your local Administration team to leverage pool cars and avoid using public transport, While adhering to listed measures, please be extra cautious; refrain from shaking hands to greet, maintain a distance of at least a meter during interactions and adhere to personal hygiene practices always. You are not required to come to office on a daily basis, coordinate with your manager to establish an operating rhythm and look out for additional communication from your respective functional Vice President or Senior General Manager.
  • Employees in GDC office in Pune and Thane will continue to operate with strict adherence to above listed measures. Additional steps on hygiene and social distancing will be communicated by your site leader coming days. We are also actively exploring work from home option for employees in roles that can be performed remotely, this will be communicated by your Senior General Manager in due course.
  • Employees in office based roles including third party staff in Company HQ, Sales and Marketing HQ, in enabling functions in regional offices and Purchase team based in Pune will work from home effective Monday 16th March 2020. They are expected to remain connected and participate in all official engagements remotely during working hours.

It isn’t an individual battle because we can’t take down a pandemic single-handedly. It requires the whole community to come together and it’s good to see giants like Tata Motors trying to curb it down by promoting communal efforts.

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