Tata Motors provides Tips to maintain your car in Monsoon

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Driving during the monsoon can often turn dangerous at times, especially due to slippery roads, low visibility and a lot of other external factors that fall outside of the driver’s control. Thus, the monsoon season typically records a higher number of road accidents. Heavy showers mean roads often become less convenient for driving and the risk of accident thus multiplies many folds. In such conditions, slow and safe driving, a regularly serviced vehicle care and a little pre-monsoon preparation can help avoid such dangerous mishaps. Vehicle owners should strictly observe a few simple precautions while driving during the rainy season.

A few monsoon vehicle checkups that need attention specifically include inspecting the vehicle before starting it especially after overnight parking. Drivers should take a quick round to look at the car both externally and internally, before getting on full throttle. This simple precautionary step makes the driver aware of any leakages that would have trickled down overnight, and simultaneously also give an idea of tyre inflation and air pressure. Another simple check would be to make sure that the coolant level in surge tank (plastic reservoir), the brake fluid level and water level in the wind shield washer reservoir are sufficient.

Driving during the monsoon can be turned into a pleasant experience and these simple precautionary measures, listed out by Tata Motors, can turn monsoons into a pleasant experience for drivers.

  • Inspect the vehicle before starting it especially after overnight parking: This would bring to your notice and make you aware of any leakages that would have trickled down overnight. It also gives an idea of tyre inflation and tyre air pressure
  • Check coolant level in surge tank (plastic reservoir)
  • Check water level in wind shield washer reservoir and top up with clean water as and when required
  • Check brake fluid level
  • Check for proper operation of wipers
  • Check the condition of wiper blades. It should wipe the windshield /glass clean
  • Always use parking brakes during vehicle parking and holding vehicles on incline road if the vehicle is stalled
  • Ensure the reverse light turns on when engaging reverse gear, especially in conditions of poor visibility during monsoons
  • Slow Down in Rain/Fog
  • Turn on the rear defogger
  •  Use parking lamps during the day if it is cloudy and dark
  • Check for proper operation of Headlights including upper/dipper
  • Clean and functional tail lamps ensure that the following car notices your car and it helps to avoid collision
  • While parking in a hilly terrain, drivers must always use parking brakes, even more so during monsoon. Handbrake is a must while on gradients as it ensures that the car is still. Roads in hilly terrains tend to become soft and this simple step will ensure the safety of the vehicle during parking in such areas

Drivers should also keep handy emergency help- line numbers for on-road assistance, carry a First Aid kit, a water bottle handy for multi-purpose use like wind shield cleaning or toping up coolant in case of leakage.

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