Tata Motors President disappointed over Zest delivery delay

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Tata Zest 1.2 revotron petrol front (2)
Tata Motors’ style icon – The Tata Zest

Tata’s gamble over a sub-4 metre car, paid off well with the Zest. Bookings came flooding in and it was an ‘all you can eat’ buffet. But Tata Motors just realised that they are unable to cope with the massive demand and are falling short of customer expectations, as far as on-time deliveries are concerned. The current President of Tata Motors, Mayank Pareekh, isn’t too impressed with this lack-luster performance of his company and is geared up to redress this issue. He in fact said, “This is not the way. These are golden opportunities.” This stems from the fact that there are some stupendously long waiting periods for some of the variants of the Zest. This means that despite the mouth-watering order list, Tata is unable to deliver the cars to its customers on time. That directly equals unsatisfied customers, which is not good news for a company that isn’t exactly minting tonnes of money right now.

Tata Zest 1.2 revotron petrol dashboard (2)
The Zest’s cabin is markedly better than the Tata’s of yore

“We should supply to the customer just when he wants. Efforts are on to ramp up production as we also speak to vendors to up the supplies where there is a shortage,” says the Tata President. He went on to say, “We should have managed the supplies better.” According to Pareek, the Indian auto giant didn’t measure up the massive response from its customer base, at least for some of the variants of the Zest. Apparently, Tata Motors is also planning on venturing into the rural market in India, quite an untapped source at this time. This will only add to its already existent customer base. What really happens on this front is to be witnessed, but for now, it’s suffice to say that Tata Motors really needs to pull up its sock and expedite on the production of the Zest.

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