Tata Motors introduces Indigo e-CS VX with CR4 engine and 25kmpl

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Tata Motors have today launched a new variant of their Indigo e-CS range of sedans. Known as the Indigo e-CS VX, the car boasts of an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 25kmpl, along with a few other changes. The car features the new CR4 engine which was first introduced on the Indica a little while ago, and a new ECU. The car also features new interiors and some additional features.

Here’s the price list of the new Indigo e-CS VX

Tata Indigo e-CS VX (with CR4 diesel) Rs. 580,339 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)
Tata Indigo e-CS GVX  with MPFi petrol engine Rs. 497,727 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi)

The new CR4 Common Rail Diesel engine with a displacement of 1396 cc offers 70 PS of power at 4000 RPM. The peak torque is rated at 140 NM at 1800-3000 RPM. Tata Motors have managed to up the fuel efficiency of the car with improvements in gear ratios, clutch-to-start and reduction in the weight of the car by around 10 kg. Some of these changes have also helped improve the acceleration of the Indigo e-CS VX.

According to the official Tata Motors statement, the high fuel efficiency of the Indigo e-CS VS has been attained by five technical advancements. Here’s the list of these changes.

1.    SMART EMS (Engine Management System) CHIP that calibrates engine components more optimally for better functionality. From valve timing to compression ratios, to pressure volume ratios, to air fuel mixture, every engine function is controlled better to deliver better mileage.
2.   MAXIMUM CHARGE COMBUSTION – An innovatively designed engine head, block and piston assembly that ensures effective intake and circulation of charge (mixture of air and fuel), thereby minimising pumping friction losses. The result is maximum combustion of charge, increased efficiency and power.
3.    DRAG REDUCTION – Redesigned wheel arches and subtle alterations on the exteriors, combined with a lighter shell and engine, have collectively contributed to making the car more aerodynamic, reducing the drag coefficient.
4.   TRANSAXLE (Gear Box) – With optimised Gear ratios to give best fuel efficiency and driveability together.
5.   TYRES – For drag / rolling losses reduction, optimised tyres were developed which provide low rolling losses coupled with good riding comfort and handling.

The Tata Indigo e-CS VX is also available with the MPFi petrol engine. Both these engines are compliant with BS4 emission norms.

Apart from the technical changes, here’s a list of a few other features of the new Indigo e-CS VX

•    New 14 inch alloy wheels
•    Satin finish front grill
•    Headlamps and ORVM with blinkers
•    Body coloured bumpers
•    Chrome inserts on the rub rails
•    New dual-tone beige interiors and dashboard
•    New wood-finish centre console
•    New instrument cluster with chrome rings
•    Rear centre armrest for better comfort at the back bench
•    Keyless entry
•    ABS
•    Bluetooth connectivity for Audio
•    electrical ORVMs
•    AC, power steering and power windows continue to be offerd.

The car comes with a warranty of 18 months and unlimited kms, for private usage.

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