Tata Motors Design Launches Second Phase Of Its Design Philosophy

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Building on the Impact Design philosophy launched in 2016, Tata Motors Design has launched the second phase of its exciting design philosophy in the 150th anniversary year of the Tata Group. Impact Design 2.0 builds on the Impact Design philosophy, under which the Tiago, Hexa, Tigor and Nexon were created and launched. Impact Design 2.0 is a sharper, more contemporary expression of the now recognisable Tata Motors’ Design language.

The exteriors are defined by:

  • Segment leading wheel sizes which will give the car a stance like no other
  • The strong proportions give the cars incredible road presence
  • The details will further strengthen and will reflect India-Global Design inspiration
  • The body colours will ensure a striking appearance in every light condition

The interior design will be:

  • Clean, clutter free, and will be a blend of a balance of design flourish and practicality
  • Interior will cocoon the occupants in comfort, and ensure every function is within arms’ reach.
  • Premium and luxurious colour combinations
  • Segment leading HMI screens
  • Intuitive and clear user interface and graphics


The IMPACT DESIGN 2.0 Philosophy is refreshed under the 3 ‘Ex’ and 3 ‘In’

3 EX’s

1. Exciting Proportions

  • The strong proportions of body to cabin will give the cars an incredible sense of dynamism
  • Segment leading wheel sizes and strong fender volumes will create a purposeful stance and unmistakable road presence

2. Expressive Surfaces

  • The clean, uncluttered surfacing will give the cars a futuristic expression
  • The grille blends into the lamps enhancing the width of the cars. These are underpinned by the instantly recognisable, and more 3-dimensional Humanity Line
  • Dynamism and movement will be created through the slingshot line that will be highlighted by the Diamond shaped windows in side view

3. Extra-ordinary Details

  • The exquisite attention to detail to the exterior details strengthen and reflect our India-Global Design. The new Tri-Arrow pattern now make their appearance on the cars.

3 IN’s

1. Inviting Spaces

The interior design is clean and elegant but with an emotional twist, balancing the practical needs of the customer with an aesthetic playfulness that draws the eyes and invites further investigation.

2. Intelligent Choices

Inspiring material choices, and discerning color combinations enhance the perception of tactile quality, reinforced by ingenious storage and accessory options, allowing the customer to cleverly configure and shape their own driving environment.

3. In-Touch Interfaces

Occupants are cocooned in ergonomic comfort, with innovative and intuitive in-car technology strategically positioning screens and controls to create an effortless driving experience, securely connected to the outside world.

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