Taste of Joy : Ducati Scrambler’s app for motorcycling and street food enthusiasts

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Next time you are in Italy, make sure you install Ducati Scrambler’s new App, Taste of Joy. Already available for iOS and coming soon for Android, the new app is for those who love motorcycle touring and street food. With over 150 addresses in Italy, spread from north to south – restaurants, kiosks, pubs, tourist farms, “piadina” bars and much more – Taste of Joy is a guide that will help you explore Italy, as you look for new flavours and tips from experts who live and breathe, create and reinvent street food every day.


Taste of Joy’s many addresses include some offering roast meat kabobs, typical of Abruzzo (‘arrosticini’) or Emilian tigelle, ethnic kebab and Italian porchetta, plus hamburgers, fried fish dishes, fruit and vegetable juices and, of course, typical local deli food. Region after region, you will have all Italian cooking at your fingertips, with an easy-to-use and graphically attractive App.


Another original touch of Taste of Joy is that it suggests itineraries that can be easily covered on your motorcycle. Take, for example, the short route along the Tyrrhenian coast, in Calabria, called Riviera dei Cedri, full of surprises and of hidden treasures; and then one in Sicily, across the southern coast of the island from Erice to Ragusa, along over 350 km among historic sites ranging from Magna Grecia to the Risorgimento and the present day, where the wealth of local street food will satisfy the most inquisitive tastes. And there is a Tuscan itinerary, with Siena’s Cinta ham, artichokes and Chianti; and one in Veneto, through the Verona lowlands, a short and simple loop through the plains, which allows you to discover every corner of this mysterious area bordering on Lombardy.


Last but not least, Taste of Joy indicates the location of every petrol pump present in Italy – an invaluable tool for motorcyclists who want to discover the roads, culture and food of this fantastic country. The contents of the new Ducati Scrambler App are diligently updated every six months. You can download the App directly from the App Store or from the website.

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