Tamil Nadu Police Painting Number Plates, Here’s Why!

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In a recent announcement made by the central government, they have extended the nationwide lockdown till 30th April. The police force and other authorities are trying their best to maintain peace amidst these turbulent times. We have seen the police force coming up with innovative ideas to keep the junta off the road. From blaring warnings through the loudspeakers with some sprinkled wit and humour to sanitizing their sticks before landing it on the buttocks just for the sake of irony and the latest one takes us to Tamil Nadu. The state police has come up with a unique way to keep the vehicles off the road where they have started painting the number plates of the vehicles which they find strolling on the roads.

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You might be wondering that what purpose would it serve? Remember the odd-even rule which the Delhi government implemented to curb down the pollution in the national capital? This initiative by the state police of Tamil Nadu resonates with the same. They are looking forward to implement a new rule under which only vehicles with a particular colour will be allowed on the roads. The vehicles which they find strolling on the roads are getting coloured by the police officials. For an example, on Day 1, they are putting yellow colour on the edge of the number plates of the vehicles and on the next day, they are using red colour for the same job.

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This will go on for a week or so and then the rule will be implemented that cops will allow the vehicles with a particular colour mark on them on a day. For example, the vehicles with yellow colour on them will be able to come out on the roads while the next day, only the vehicles with red colour will be able to come out. If they find any vehicle breaking the rule and coming out on the road apart from the designated day, the vehicle will be seized by the police.

Currently, it is being implemented only in the Salem district. This idea might sound quirky but they are going all in to contain the spread of this pandemic and keep the people off the roads.

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