Suzuki V-Strom 160 Patent Images Leaked

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Entry-level ADV-tourers are gaining traction and not in just our country but they are becoming a global affair. Manufacturers are pushing out smaller versions of their big, bad ADV-tourers by lending them the same moniker. When we talk about ADV-tourers, the Suzuki V-Strom is a formidable name. The Suzuki V-Strom is currently only available globally in two displacements: 650cc and 1,037cc.  There also exists a smaller V-Strom 250 in other markets but the motorcycle in question is the smallest of the lot, the V-Strom 160.

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Suzuki works in conjunction with Haojue for its Chinese operations. And it seems like they have developed the smallest V-Strom of the lot, dubbed as V-Strom 160. The patent pictures of the same bike have now been leaked online.

Suzuki V Strom 160 patent

The V-Strom styling

The V-Strom styling is pretty evident in this Suzuki V-Strom 160 adventure touring motorcycle. The large front beak will instantly remind you of its bigger siblings. The tank looks rather beefy and adds to the overall muscle. A flyscreen is also clearly visible which should provide a decent amount of wind resistance when you are ripping this baby V-Strom out on the highway.

Suzuki V Strom 160 patent (1)

Also seen is a wide single-piece seat and a big grab rail accompanied with a small luggage rack. If indeed this bike makes a global debut, we can expect it to come equipped with ABS, and basic suspension devoid of any adjustability. Suzuki’s bikes are renowned for their durability and we expect no less from this either.

Suzuki V Strom 160 patent (3)

Expected powertrain

Talking about the engine, it looks borrowed from the Haojue DR160S. This 162cc motor makes around 15bhp and 14Nm of peak torque.  With these docile power figures, its prime rival would be the Hero Xpulse 200, if the former makes it here. The all-new Suzuki V-Strom 160 does look like it means business and only time will if it’s worthy of the V-Strom moniker. The Haojue 160 adventure bike is bound for the Chinese market but in the near future, Suzuki could badge it as the entry-level V-Strom especially for other Asian countries.

If it doesn’t make it here, the 2020 Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT will keep on carrying the baton for Suzuki in the ADV-tourer segment. If the V-Strom 160 doesn’t make it here, we would love to see the quarter-litre version of it. The adventure motorcycling scene in India is growing at a rapid pace and the Japanese bike maker should look forward to tapping into the lower spectrum of this segment.

Suzuki V Strom 160 patent (2)

Suzuki recently unveiled its flagship off-roader, the V-Strom 1050 XT Pro. It is the new top variant and is currently available only in the Italian market. This top variant looks more rugged and comes with a lot of helpful off-road specific accessories. The bike still gets the same 1,037 cc, four-stroke, liquid-cooled, 90-degree v-twin-engine, which can deliver a maximum power of 105 bhp at 8,500 rpm and 100 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm.

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In terms of features, the V-Strom 1050 XT Pro variant will come equipped with a dedicated off-road kit, which includes bash plate, engine guards, adjustable footpegs, and hard case panniers in order to carry more luggage on road trips. In a bid to offer enhanced protection to the engine, this off-road bike also gets aluminium engine bash plate, which is designed particularly for the lower position of the front cylinder, oil filter, and the exhaust system.

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