Suzuki Swift RS Spied in Malaysia: More power on tap?

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Suzuki Swift RS malaysia

It’s interesting to see one of the most ubiquitous models in India, the Suzuki Swift bearing a new badge in Malaysia. A reader of Paultan, a popular Malaysian auto blog has managed to take a spy picture of a Swift with RS badging. In the first look, the car appears to be a go-faster version of the Swift. The RS badge is clearly visible below the swift lettering on the back, and also on the registration plate.

Apart from the RS badging, the white car’s red roof and pinstriping in the same shade gives away the more ambitious intentions of the machine. Now, whether the new variant features a faster engine beneath the bonnet is a question that remains to be answered. You’d be interested to know that an RS version of the Swift was launched in India too, last year. But in typical Indian fashion, it didn’t have any different engine or underpinnings than the regular model. Just a few extra stickers!

Globally, the Swift Sport with its 1.6 liter naturally aspirated engine and 136bhp output is the most powerful production version of this hatchback available. However, this particular variant cannot be related to that extremity, since it doesn’t have the signature twin exhaust and diffuser from the Sport.

Suzuki Swift Sport rear

This one here, then, is most likely a 1.4 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine powered model with around 95PS of power output and 130Nm of peak torque. This engine variant, sans the RS badging is available in Malaysia as a CKD unit, though the RS badged version will probably boast some additional features over and above the normal variant.

Chances of this go-faster version coming to India? Zilch, nada, naught! Would you be too excited to see a 1.4 liter 95PS engine on the Swift anyway? Do let us know

Image source: Paultan

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  • irwan says:

    bro, i hear that suzuki swift have a 4wd version, is it true, if so is it available in malaysia,