Suzuki Kizashi to be imported as CBU by Maruti Suzuki this year!

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‘Kizashi’ in Japanese means ‘a sign of great things to come’. This meaning has come true in its sense as the great thing i.e. Kizashi is on its way to the Indian streets. Maruti Suzuki confirmed that they have plans to import the Suzuki Kizashi to India as a CBU by the end of 2010. The car was displayed in the Auto Expo at Delhi. The car is Suzuki Motors Corporation’s flagship model in the D-segment as well as its sixth world strategic model. The car hit the Japanese and American streets during October and December 2009 respectively.

According to a few sources, “Kizashi is very much on the company’s drawing board. But right now, Maruti will follow CBU route from its Sagara plant in Japan during this calendar year. Eventually, the company may consider importing CKD kits from the same plant later subject to market demand.” To support the news, a Delhi based dealer also confirmed Maruti’s plans to launch the car in India around October, this year. According to the dealer, “The price bracket of Kizashi will be Rs. 12-14 lakh and it will be the most feature-rich car amongst Maruti’s portfolio. When asked about the engine specifications, he said, “It’s highly likely that it will sport a 2.4 litre all-aluminum engine.”

American Suzuki Motor Corp (Automotive Marketing and Public Relations) Vice-President Gene Brown reported to PTI during the Chicago Auto Show, “The Kizashi is going to be sold in India. I do not think the launch in India is that far in the future.” He did not shed more light on the topic of Kizashi in India as he wasn’t in charge of the Indian Market.

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