Suzuki India Might Unveil Connected Technology For Its Two-wheelers Tomorrow

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A few days back, Suzuki released a teaser image which showcased a distinctive silhouette of an instrument cluster and the embedded text read ‘A superior way to ride’. Apart from the cryptic text and the silhouette of the instrument cluster, Suzuki didn’t reveal anything else. But now, just a day before the official unveil, Suzuki has released another teaser video which portrays a new technology platform which will ‘let you stay in charge’.

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While most of us expected it to be a new motorcycle or a new gearless scooter, it is pretty much evident by now that it is not going to be either of them. Instead, Suzuki will introduce a new technology.


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Possible contenders

Speculations are ripe again and if we were to imply logic here, Suzuki might introduce a new connected tech platform for its two-wheelers to allow Bluetooth connectivity for calls, messages, navigation, music, etc. Connectivity features have made their way to two-wheelers as well and Suzuki would not want to lag behind in the stiff competition. The first teaser video showcased a digital instrument cluster which bears a stark resemblance found on the units of Suzuki’s popular two-wheelers. The Gixxer 155s, 250s Intruder and the Burgman Street are the ones which currently come equipped with all-digital instrumentation and chances are, all these two-wheelers might get benefitted with Suzuki’s latest technology.

Suzuki october teaser

When we talk about digital instrument clusters with connected features in affordable two-wheelers, TVS’ name pops up first because the homegrown manufacturer has been very vigilant in equipping its vehicles with the modern tech. Suzuki is looking forward to follow the same footsteps. These are just mere speculations though and we will bring in more information once the official launch goes live tomorrow.

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Many brands in India are offering connected technology with Bluetooth smartphone pairing and a mobile application. With these technologies, the rider or user can communicate with the vehicle to receive a lot of information. This includes ride stats, turn-by-turn navigation, call and SMS alerts and much more. Chances are, Suzuki might jump on the bandwagon too.

Earlier speculations

Talking about earlier speculations, it was predicted that Suzuki might spawn another motorcycle based on the same platform. A few months back, Intruder 250’s patent images leaked online and given the fact that the Gixxer and Gixxer SF, both already exist in the 250cc space, rumours started building up regarding the arrival of Intruder 250. Some reports also suggested that Suzuki might roll out another gearless scooter based on its 125cc platform which currently includes the Access 125 and the Burgman 125. But it looks like Suzuki has something else entirely in store for us. Keep watching this space for more updates regarding this new technology from the Japanese bikemaker.

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