Suzuki Inazuma Special Edition and GSX1250F Special Edition Revealed

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Suzuki Inazuma Special Edition

The Suzuki Inazuma 250 might not be the most exciting news on the Indian automotive scene considering the launch price was simply a put off. Despite the styling that was far from exciting, there were buyers who were still betting to put their money on the motorcycle just for that sweet spinning twin pod motor. Recently even a shocking price slash of 1 lac failed to bring encouragement to the sales chart.

2014 Suzuki Inazuma Special Edition

Suzuki has now launched a Suzuki Inazuma Special Edition in the UK that’s no more than a new graphics package. The package makes the Suzuki Inazuma 250Z available in two colour options of Red and Blue to go along with the existing black theme. Pricing of the Special Edition Suzuki Inazuma 250Z has been set at £3,552- an increase of £51 over the standard variant.

2014 Suzuki GSX1250F Special Edition

Also revealed a special edition of the Suzuki GSX1250A, which again is merely an addition to the existing model in new colour combinations. The new Suzuki GSX1250A special edition would now be available in white with black and red stripes and is priced £110 higher than the £8110 costing base variant.


Suzuki Inazuma Suzuki GSX1250F Specifications

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  • hari says:

    These are not for india now. It for UK. May come to india later. Price of the model which avail in india is around 2.5lacs. I liked these shades and waiting to get here. I have plan to buy it in next year. Its really good bike if appearance feels okay.

  • akash says:

    thanks for answering Hari, but I am asking that.
    is there any updation in the price?

  • hari says:

    the appearance part make this bike keep the riders way from buying. all other sides are exellent from what it meant for. so suzuki might trying some cheaper cosmetic changes to try boosting sales…:)

  • akash says:

    I don’t know why Suzuki doing these things with Inazuma 250.
    few days back it slashes the prices, now it launches the special edition.
    any changes in the price ??

  • hari says:

    any chance to get these shades of inazuma in india?