Suzuki announce Datatag security scheme for used machines in UK

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If you stay in a locality where vehicle theft related crimes take place, you would understand how important it is to protect your own vehicle, especially if it is a motorcycle. Installing a security system is the only option that many people opt for. However, a minor jerk to the vehicle or even a dog barking near the motorcycle can trigger the alarm.

Japanese automotive manufacturer, Suzuki might just have the answer to this problem. Following the success of the industry-backed Master Security Scheme in association with Datatag, Suzuki GB has announced the launch of its own Datatag scheme for used Suzuki models.

First introduced in 2013, the Master Scheme utilises the proven security technology developed by Datatag, bringing it to virtually every new motorcycle sold as standard in the UK. Since its introduction the impact of the scheme has been felt with only 403 machines reported as stolen, out of the 52,687 fitted with the system, effectively making an equipped machine four times less likely to be stolen when compared against figures for unmarked bikes.

Expressing his views on the Datatag security scheme, Suzuki GB’s Paul de Lusignan commented, “The impact of the Master Scheme has been felt right across the industry, from manufacturers to insurers and of course most importantly, with customers. While we are very proud to be part of this initiative for new bikes, we wanted to make sure that all of our customers have this chance of extra protection. Thanks to great cooperation between Datatag and our dealer network, we can now offer this to all Suzuki owners at a subsidised cost of just £55 including fitment.”

In India, the only motorcycle to come with a security alarm system is Mahindra’s Centuro. However, this security system does not have online vehicle tracking system. People have to opt for an aftermarket vehicle security system which usually tends to void the vehicle’s warranty.

Introduction of such feature on Indian motorcycles would be a great add on, hence reducing vehicle theft related crimes. Do you agree? Share your opinions through comments below.

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  • Miles taylor says:

    Think you’ve missed the point – using a Datatag system all parts of the bike are marked so if stolen (and you’re far less likely to have it stolen with Datatag) and dismantled ownership can still be proved thus securing the safe return of the bike and or bits plus a successful prosecution of the scum who took it.

  • Rahul says:

    Not really.. The bikes being stolen are usually dismantled..