Suresh Rana/Naik Further Extend Lead on Penultimate Day of Maruti Suzuki Raid de Himalaya

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After a hectic car-breaker day yesterday, the participants of 15th Maruti Suzuki Raid-de-Himalaya climbed to icy cold desert of Ladakh region with both X-Treme and Adventure Trial vehicles entering the district capital Leh.

In the X-Treme 4 wheeler category, eight time winner Suresh Rana with Navigator Ashwin Naik from Team Maruti Suzuki, driving a Grand Vitara is leading with a cumulative five day timing of 8.18.04 Hrs. The team is now 16 minute 11 sec ahead of second ranking Amanpreet/Venu Ramesh who have timed 8.34.15. Harpreet Bawa/Kashyap continue to be on the third spot with an overall timing of 8.42.58 Hrs at the end of today’s leg.

In the X-Treme Bikes segment Austrian Helmut Frauwallner now has an almost invincible lead over nearest competitor German Stephan Rausch 50 minutes behind. Helmut has clocked a cumulative 7.49.02 Hrs while Stephan Rausch has a timing of 8.40.19 Hrs over 5 days. R Nataraj is a distant third at 9.30.57 Hrs.

The Adventure Trial category participants have a long 380 kms to cover from Keylong and traversing through Baralacha Pass and maneuver Nakee La Pass, Lachulung Pass, Pang and Tanglang La – the scond highest pass in the world at 17582 ft – to reach Leh. The results are still being worked out for today’s leg. As per yesterday, Jagmeet Gill/Chandan Sen of Team Maruti Suzuki, driving a Gypsy was leading with an cumulative penalty of 0.01.11 Hrs. Kaushal Patel/Gaurav Patel had a cumulative penalty of 0.01.59 Hrs. and was on the second spot. The third position was held by Subir Roy/Md. Mustafa with cumulative penalty of 0.02.24 Hrs.

Today, the fifth leg of X-Treme category vehicles started from Pang and headed towards Leh. There were two competitive super stages Debring-Daat and return stretch of Daat-Debring. On the other hand, the Adventure Trial contestants started from Keylong and headed to Leh.


Cumulative Results After Day 5:

  • X-Treme (4X4, After Day 5) – Suresh Rana/Ashwin Naik: 8.18.04 Hrs, Amanpreet/Venu Ramesh 8.34.15 Harpreet Bawa/Kashyap 8.42.58 Hrs
  • X-Treme (Moto and Quads, After Day 5) – Helmut Frauwallner: 7.49.02 Hrs, Stephan Rausch: 8.40.19 Hrs, R Nataraj 9.30.57
  • Adventure Trial (After Day 4) – Jagmeet Gill/Chandan Sen: 0.01.11 Hrs., Kaushal Patel/Gaurav Patel: 0.01.59 Hrs., Subir Roy/Md. Mustafa: 0.02.24 Hrs.
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