Startech adorns this Jaguar F-Type coupé with stylish modifications

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That is one mean looking cat!

When have you ever sat next to a window, sipping your hot cup of latte or ginger tea and reminisced on the F-Type’s stunning big-cat looks? You never had to, because the stock car just looks so darn good. Even we agree to the fact, that the Jaguar F-Type, is perhaps one of the best looking cars that money can buy. However, when a tuning house gets its hands on a stock car, the final result is usually outstandingly good. The tuning house we are on about, is called Startech. Never heard of this firm? Well then, does the name Brabus, ring any bell? Yes, Startech is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Brabus division. And these guys specialise in customising cars made by Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Jaguar and Land Rover. This time, Startech has set their eyes on the Jaguar F-Type coupé and literally, outdone themselves.


The Startech F-Type coupé, is drop-dead sensuous from every angle.

The modification to this F-Type coupé, includes it receiving a comprehensive body-kit and a swish, yet typically British, interior. The exterior is garnished with oodles of stuff made from a supercar’s favourite material, carbon-fibre. These include the a front lip spoiler, subtle side-skirts and the ‘must-have’ downforce tool, a rear diffuser. Not to mention, new bumpers and a ravishing set of alloy wheels.


The interior has been customised and is now, nothing short of stunning!

The interior of the Startech F-Type gets a racey, yet beautiful black and red interior with quilted leather upholstery. Custom carpet and headliner are all part of the niceties to be found in this cabin. All that said, we are not sure if Startech has fiddled with the V8 powerplant that lurks under the bonnet of this feline. The 2015 Geneva Motor Show is just around the corner and this Jag, will be there. Then the whole world will find out if there has been any changes to the engine, not that it actually needs it. But, power is never enough and in the world of supercars, the quest for more horses under bonnet, is never ending. Write down your thoughts on this sexy Startech F-Type coupé, in the comments section.

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