Ssangyong XIV-1 CUV Concept: more images and details

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Only a few days back, we told you about the XIV-1 CUV concept, very murky silhouettes of which were released by Mahindra owned Korean carmaker Ssangyong.  Now Ssangyong has released more details and images of the concept, which is slated to make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.  The XIV-1 CUV concept car is being developed as Ssangyong’s strategic model for the global market.

If one goes by the official Ssangyong release on the car, it is based on concepts such as the “joy of travel” and the “space for communication on the road”. The car ambitiously wishes to bring about a change in driving culture.

The XIV-1 expands as ‘Exciting User Interface Vehicle’. It also hints at where Ssangyong’s products are headed – to enable two-way communication between the vehicle and the driver through the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones through an IT-based user interface.
Ssangyong XIV -1 CUV (5)
The XIV-1 is a compact car, but with the attitude and characteristics of an SUV. Within the cabin, a new concept in interior design allows for diverse interior settings. Introducing 1+1+2 or 1+3 seating layouts, deviating from conventional cabin design, Ssangyong is trying to highlight the flexibility available from its latest platform. All seats move and turn as per the passengers’ convenience to satisfy their specific privacy and communication requirements.

TheXIV-1 doesn’t have a B-pillar, features a wraparound front windscreen and a full-glass roof, which aims to maximize the feeling of airiness and external visibility within the cabin. The focus is on wrapping the windscreen and windows around in the glasshouse seamlessly.

The name Concept XUV 1 is derived from Excellent User Interface Vehicle 1. All major cabin functions are controlled via mobile devices and smart instruments, while the coach style door offers easy access to the cabin.
Even with its SUV –like lines and shape, the XIV-1 will be no bigger than a compact B segment vehicle. The vehicle offers a high seating position, a rugged feel, and other featuires of a full sized SUV, but within a size of a compact hatch.

How do you like the design? Does such kind of a concept with SUV-ish shape but hatchback proportions appeal to you?
Ssangyong XIV -1 CUV (1)


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