SRT Viper, with Stryker Green paint and Grand Touring package, to debut at NAIAS



SRT has announced the launch of a new Stryker Green paint job and a new Grand Touring package for the Viper. Both the new paint job and the package will be showcased at NAIAS in Detroit.

SRT says that the Stryker Green is an evolution of the Snakeskin Green that we saw back in 2008 and the new paint job comes with enhanced green and yellow pigments, all of which provides a “liquid mercury” look. SRT claims that applying the new Stryker Green paint to the Viper takes almost eight hours and the process includes applying a base color coat followed by a green-tined mid-coat and then a clear finish.


The new Grand Touring package consists of Nappa leather seats, two-mode Bilstein DampTronic Select suspension and a five-mode Electronic Stability Control system. These features were previously available on the GTS model and SRT says that the new package will be offered exclusively with the new Stryker Green and the Venom Black exterior color options. 

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