Squids, Beware! Removing Rearview Mirrors Of Your Two-Wheeler Could Result In Loss Of Warranty

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With the increasing number of automobiles on the road, road accidents are becoming a frequent affair as well. It might not be directly proportional to the number of vehicles on the road but it is directly proportional to the number of increasing brainless drivers/riders on the road. Most of the motorcycles that we see on the road are without rear view mirrors because their respective owners think that it boosts the aesthetic appeal of the motorcycle. The reason why most of them tend to remove rearview mirrors right after purchasing a motorcycle.

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It ‘might’ boost the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle but what these witless motorcyclists don’t understand is, they are trading the safety of themselves and other around them, purely for their ‘style’. It is believed by the masses that removing rearview mirrors somehow makes the motorcycle more agile and they can cut through the traffic with more ease, throwing logic in the bin in the process.

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However, it could change with a new court order in place. A PIL was filed by advocate B Ramkumar Adityan stating the importance of rearview mirrors and how they can prevent road accidents by a huge margin. The petitioner stated that the number of two wheelers in the state had increased from 32.14 lakh (8.35 lakh motorcycles, 5.46 lakh scooters and 18.32 lakh mopeds) in 1999 to 2.49 crore (1.57 crore motorcycles, 36.59 lakh scooters and 54.74 lakh mopeds) in 2020. The Madras High Court on Thursday observed that the State Transport Commissioner was obligated to ensure strict compliance of the motor vehicle rules which require all two-wheelers to be fitted with rear view mirrors while being driven on the roads. The court ruled that the warranty would stand cancelled for any two wheeler minus the rear view / side view mirrors which have been removed purely for aesthetic reasons. The court has also issued directions to the Tamil Nadu Transport Commissioner to pass orders to all two wheeler dealerships.

Motorcycle rear view mirrors

Rearview mirrors play a crucial role in boosting a motorcyclist’s road senses as they provide a clear view of the approaching traffic from behind. Removal of rear view mirrors often leads to miscalculated judgement, which could further lead to fatal accidents.

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