Sprinkle some BMW on a Versa and the result will be Power


What do you do when you’re adventurous and set out on a quest to attain Power? What do you do when you have a lot of love for the Ultimate Driving Machine, but all you have at hand is a carcass that could dress up to look like the Versa? You give a damn and build the Ultimate Driving Adventure! And since your perfectly designed, ‘Suspacious’ and luxurious creation completes the attainment of your objective, you name it just that. Power!


The company of people you choose to hang out with, often leads to an infectious exchange of habits and behavior. Pakistan’s close ally China, has started to share its love for cloned machines with its friend. But it seems, the exchange isn’t just limited to products. Intelligence seems to be getting its passport stamped too.


This thing you see here is sold by the Pirani Group in Pakistan and sometimes they call it the ‘Sokon’, sometimes they call it the ‘Power’. Based on the Dongfeng EQ1020TF Cargo Truck, this pretty face, body structure be damned thing is powered by a 1.0-liter engine that makes 60PS of power and 84 Nm of torque. Paired to a 5-speed gearbox, adventure is limited till 105 kph.


And just in case somebody wishes to get really close to the actual thing’s 50:50 weight distribution, there’s a pick-up variant that gives you an entire loading bay to play around and perfectly position any home or cave built ballast that one might use.

Pirani Power (8)
Pirani Power (7)
Pirani Power (6)
Pirani Power (5)
Pirani Power (4)
Pirani Power (3)
Pirani Power (2)
Pirani Power (1)

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