VIDEO: Flying without wings on a motorcycle, this time with a friend


A booming aviation sector in India has made fares so competitive, almost anyone and everyone can now fulfill their dream of flying. But as human aspirations continue to grow, we’ve started to witness a new trend. Some of us are over the excitement of being flown by someone else and are finding affordable ways to fly on their own. They can’t wait until those flying cars arrive, so they’ve taken things in their own hands. These guys try to bend a spoon by looking at it during the day, and when the sun is about to go down, they look up to the sky, say a prayer, and set out. These visionaries tag along a friend too.

In this video, a guy who looks like he is friends with the boy who tried to turn a Honda Activa into an airplane, takes off from where the scooter landed. Where his friend on the gearless scooter aspired to become a fighter pilot, our man here is more interested in commercial flying, which explains the passenger he wanted to carry on his test flight. Maybe he should try again with some safety gear and this infamous and angry Air India passenger.

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