Spied Mahindra Xylo Pick-up

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  • Expected Launch: January 2010
  • Expected Price: 5 lakh (On Road)


Mahindra has been making pick-up trucks based on its archaic platforms for a long time and thanks to their affordable pricing, the ‘pick-up’ has been doing rather well for itself.


But, when Mahindra launched the Xylo, they added a much more modern platform to their arsenal. It would be silly on Mahindra’s part to not exploit the full potential of this platform. So the next vehicle, from Mahindra is a pick-up truck which shares the looks of the Xylo.

However, the new pick up seems to be an out-and-out utility vehicle unlike the Scorpio Getaway or the Tata Xenon. India doesn’t really have any market for personal pick-ups. (less than 100 units per month). The loading bay of the pick up looks huge and Mahindra might have some serious export plans with this vehicle.

Image Courtesy team bhp & indianautosblog

Mihir Gadre

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