Spied: Bajaj KTM 200 Duke in all its glory

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Our reader Niranjan Skoda from Bangalore has managed to take the clearest yet pictures of the soon to be launched KTM Bajaj 200. These are the closest and clearest shots of the bike yet, revealing a lot of details about thi soon to be launched motorcycle. Now going by the size of that liquid cooled engine, one can be damn sure that this is not a 125. The cubic capacity is most certainly 200cc or more.

Mr Rajiv Bajaj, MD at Bajaj Auto has earlier gone on the record and said that this baby KTM will go on sale sometime end of this year. It’s almost certain that the cubic capacity is 200cc or thereabouts, with a power output in the region of 20PS.

KTM Bajaj Duke 200

The KTM 200 when it makes its debut on our streets would be a cool urban tool. Unlike how most people see it, it won’t be a serious mud plugger. Here are some of the most salient features of this new bike, as revealed by these pictures.

  • There isn’t a visible exhaust can. The exhaust has been neatly tucked away under the position where the sub-frame starts. However, the exhaust is slightly different from the chrome tipped unit of the 125cc version of this baby. The shape of the muffler too is slightly different. This may be one of the costs cutting exercises, but this is still a test mule, the final version may look different.
  • The brake pedal looks somewhat like a toe-shifter unit. It’s a neat touch.
  • The international KTM 125 Duke has an engine undercowl. This one doesn’t. Again, the feature may make an appearance on the final version, but the chances are bleak.
  • The fact that the test mule doesn’t even have any logos / decals on it suggests that a lot of cosmetic changes will be made to the bike in its final form. A lack of RVMs and even the front number plate substantiates the fact.
  • Internationally, KTM is promoting the 125 Duke as an urban lifestyle tool. It was shot at a variety of locations in a recently released video which we showed to you on Motoroids as well. Expect the 200 Duke to be positioned similarly in India – a lifestyle product which is high on snob value and style.
  • The Swing arm with the criss-crossing ridges looks really stylish.
  • Trellis frame adds to the ‘cool’ looks of the bike
  • Step seat with stylish aluminium finish grab rails
  • Cool looking ten-spoke alloy wheels
  • Disc brakes both up front and at the rear. None of them petal-type. Both brakes are from Bybre, the same brand which reins in the speed of the non-ABS CBR250R bike.
  • Suspension duties are taken care of by upside down forks up front and a mono-shock unit at the rear
  • We can expect a lot of knowhow, technology and components from this stylish looking baby to trickle down onto the next-generation models. However, being the most value for money products of the KTM /
  • Pulsar / Ninja triad, the Pular will be much cheaper than the Duke.

KTM Bajaj Duke 200
In our opinion, with those upside down forks, a liquid cooled engine, front / rear discs, underbelly exhaust and a lot of other kit, there is very little chance that the KTM 200 Duke will be priced around or below the CBR250R mark. We think that Bajaj KTM will position this as a premium product and tag it with a price which they think suits its status. Only time will tell how the pricing strategy turns out though.

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KTM Bajaj Duke 200

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