Special Treatment For Nano: Exclusive Showrooms

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Tata is working hard to push the sales of the Nano. Apart from the sales, the company is also planning to raise the customer satisfaction levels for the car. Tata recently doubled the  production of the Nano, and now they are planning to open exclusive showroom just for the Nano.

The whole idea of an exclusive showroom is to attract the buyers in rural areas where purchasing power of people is low and a car remains more of a symbol of prosperity but on the other side of Nano where the car is laughed upon for its  engine noise and not so great street presence.

So introduction of the exclusive showroom in rural areas does make a lot of sense if we go to see. The Tatas surely have done their market homework very well, plus an exclusive showroom in the rural areas also makes the car appear very special which attracts people to go and check out the car where many will end up booking one. Tata is also giving extended warranties after the whole Nano catching fire incidents which were reported and talking about financial help Tata is offering up to 90 percent financing on easy terms, and a comprehensive maintenance plan at just 99 rupees a month.

The Nano may not still be doing as well as Tata Motors may have expected, but with the Nano Diesel the equation may soon change, and with burgeoning volumes, the idea of an exclusive showroom may just make even more sense.


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