Sparking F1 Cars All Set to Return

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Sparking f1 cars are all set to make a return to the game. Teams are now planning to bring back pyrotechnics, with Mercedes and Ferrari being the early birds. The two teams will conduct tests with titanium grid blocks in the Friday practice session of the Austrian Grand Prix.

Sparking F1 Cars

Understandably, this is a bid to ward off the waning popularity of the Formula 1 series. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has really taken a huge gamble here. In a game that has eliminated refueling to minimize the risks of fires, generating sparks by dragging titanium skid blocks across is definitely a controversial decision. It is one that will attract debate from the fans, and one that certainly exposes a bit of desperation on the FIA’s part to get the crowds back and set its coffers full.

F1 teams have always been on the lookout for ways to make the race more spetacular. Who doesn’t remember the night race on the streets of Singapore? Other ideas that have been mulled over include red-hot, glowing brake disks and vapour trails. Out of all these, it is the plan for sparking F1 cars that has been agreed upon for testing by teams. Currently, the teams plan to generate sparks by the use of titanium blocks within the planks of the F1 cars. Teams are now working on how to ensure the production of the best sparks.

With that in view, Ferrari will fit Kimi Raikkonen’s car with two skid blocks on the opening day at the Red Bull Ring. Mercedes, on the other hand, will employ a different position for the titanium block on Nico Rosberg’s car. No technical changes will be employed on the cars, such as lowering of ride height. Austria is the first place where such a test will take place, and then more are supposed to follow. A final decision for the sparking F1 cars will come in 2015.

Do you feel such a step was necessary??

Source – Autocar India

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