So what do you think of the New Motoroids

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And you thought we were a bunch of lazy bums, having beer on a hammock by the beachside as you frowned on us for not having posted anything on a Monday. Well, guess what, this is what we were doing the whole day. Trying to fix the bugs and making sure that your experience on the New Motoroids website is as hassle free as possible. Of course, there must be some areas which would need improvement, there much be some niggles which will need to be corrected, but for now, here it is, what we thought would be a better website for our fans.

The new Motoroids website has a cleaner, clutter free layout, clearly segmented sections, a hassle free gallery view and much better integration with social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Hereon, we will try to enrich your experience on Motoroids with more features and easier navigation. Pardon us for the errors and issues that you may likely face for the first couple of days, and don’t forget to report them on

As always we need your patronage to keep us going. Hope you like this little effort from us to enhance your Motoroids experience. Do write to us!