The Skully AR-1: One of the most advanced helmets now available on Pre-order

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The future is here, the future is wow and you can pre-order it now. We have news that will make tech savvy motorcyclists jump out of their chairs. The SKULLY AR-1, the first vertically integrated smart HUD motorcycle helmet for consumers is now available on pre-order.

The SKULLY AR-1 has a patented integrated rear view camera system with a near 180 degree viewing angle that feeds video to the HUD embedded in the visor to provide you with complete situational awareness and watches your blindspots too. This DOT/ECE certified helmet displays navigation, lets you pair your phone with it, so you can control your music, send texts, make calls, and change your destination, all you have to do is, talk to the Skully.

The Key Features of the SKULLY AR-1 are as follows:

  • Lightweight, aerodynamic shell
  • 3D laser-cut foam for a perfect fit
  • Fully adjustable flow-through ventilation
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-glare face shield
  • Quick release chin strap and visor
  • SKULLY SYNAPSE (TM) Smart Heads Up Display system
  • Visual GPS navigation
  • Ultra wide angle rear-view camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity to smartphone
  • Internet connectivity via smartphone

To Pre-order one, visit the site:

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