Skoda VisionSea hybrid motor yacht teased

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Skoda VisionSea

Skoda goes sailing with the new VisionSea hybrid motor yacht  a 10-meter long motor yacht designed with inspiration from the VisionC concept. Donning a similar green exterior paint scheme like the VisionC, the VisionSea is actually a hybrid as it combines a 180 HP turbocharged gasoline engine with a 270 HP (198 kW) electric motor.

The VisionSea is said to top out at 50 nautical miles, and employs a 6-speed DSG gearbox.  When used as a hybrid, the Skoda VisionSea can travel for up to 980 nautical miles.

Inside, the motor yacht comes with a height-adjustable steering wheel, two stainless steel bottle holders, life jackets under the seats and an additional storage pocket that can hold a tablet. Other features include pivotal water-ski hooks, anti-slip mats and a specially developed sun visor featuring an anti-dust chamois.

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