Skoda India’s Bossman Zac Hollis Explains Why The Kushaq Is Costlier Than Its Rivals

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The Kushaq is Skoda’s latest addition in its Indian portfolio, with prices starting at ₹10.5 lakh and going up to ₹17.6 lakh (ex-showroom). When Skoda revealed the prices of the Kushaq, some potential customers weren’t that pleased with the pricing and some even took their grievances to Twitter, also suggesting a few remedies in the process. It didn’t take long for Zac Hollis, Director of Sales, Service, and Marketing of Skoda India to address the queries.

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In a series of tweets, Skoda India’s bossman tried to explain the reasons why the Kushaq is costlier than its rivals. Here’s how it all went down!

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Kushaq’s pricing left a lot of customers dissatisfied. Some even questioned it out in the open (on Twitter). A customer asked why locally assembled Kushaq is priced above ₹10 lakh mark, adding to this he also mentioned the taxes which have to be paid for a car above the ₹10 lakh mark. With this, he also suggested lowering the price by ₹50 thousand and notice the increase in sales. To this, Zac Hollis replied that Kushaq cannot be priced below ₹10 lakh mark as the base variant of the Kushaq comes loaded with a lot more features as compared to the other cars in this segment.

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Adding to this, the engine offered is also advanced as Kushaq’s powertrains utilize TSI technology where the competitors have MPI technology. Adding to his previous tweet, Hollis also mentioned a drawback for a car that is priced under ₹10 lakh which is long waiting periods and customer dissatisfaction. This stands true if we consider the current scenario because all the popular models under ₹10 lakh mark command a waiting period.


Various potential customers asked about the pricing strategy, whether it will be changed or not. To this Hollis replied with a direct statement that the pricing will not be changed anytime soon as the car is just launched. And the response is according to the company’s analysis.

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With pricing, people also had safety concerns. Usually, it is the top-end variant that is loaded with premium and safety equipment, but the top variant of Kushaq which is the Style, comes with only 2 airbags whereas it should have at least 6 airbags. To this Hollis replied that this feedback is taken into consideration and has been discussed with the board.

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Kushaq’s base variant Active comes loaded with features such as a touchscreen infotainment system which Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a multi-function steering wheel, multi-information display. As far as safety is concerned, it comes with 2 airbags, rear parking sensors, Roll Over Protection, dual airbags, Stability Control and an Anti-lock braking system as standard.

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