Skoda Fabia front seats frames being replaced

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Last week, we reported that the Skoda Fabia has been silently bestowed with some really minor updates such as new Aircon controls and gear knob.  Click here to read about the mildly updated Fabia. 

Now, it has emerged that Skoda Auto India workshops are replacing the front seat frames on its Fabia hatchback. As per Skoda, if the seats on some of its cars remain in one position over a long duration, the channels for the seat movement are prone to getting rusted. Subsequently, thanks to the rust , any seat movement could lead to breaking of bearings. Hence, Skoda Auto India is replacing front seats frames of the Fabia free of charge. The replacement exercise can take more an entire day but we would still recommend all Fabia dealers to visit the nearest dealership and get the seat frames expected.

Interestingly, this silent replacement exercise comes at a time when the Fabia is a the fag end of its career.

skoda fabia recall

As we mentioned above, the Fabia recently got mild updates and here is a detailed report on the updated B segment hatchback.

The recently refreshed Fabia gets a new steering wheel, which proudly flaunts its new Skoda brand identity logo. The Fabia also now comes with a new gearknob and rotary aircon controls and buttons.

As we have been saying, the Skoda Fabia isn’t really doing great in the market and we feel that the recent set of updates won’t really make much of a difference to the car’s appeal. However, it is nice to see that Skoda India hasn’t yet given up on its old workhorse. It is even nicer to see that Skoda is carrying a recall drive to replace potentially faulty parts in its old workhorse.

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