Clarkson and Hammond fined for speeding in France- driving ban and suspended licences.

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Clarkson Hammond driving ban

“If you are going to break the speed limit, make sure you are not in France” Top Gear Presenter Jeremy Clarkson was found quoting in UK Tabloid ‘The Sun’.

Though we initially looked at it as a publicity stunt, but here is how the story goes. As per the statement, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were shooting for the last sequence of Top Gear’s Annual DVD in France. With Clarkson driving the Aston Martin Vanquish and Hammond behind the wheel of the Porsche 911 GT3- the duo were cruising at 141 and 143 kph respectively through a sparsely populated highway with speed limits marked at 130 kph. Even with an incremental 13 kph over the speed limit, they didn’t manage to ruffle the Anti-Speeding Division of the French Police. Trouble arrived when both ended to overlook the speed limit sign of a particular stretch of motorway with a 90 kph speed sign. As obvious in speeding cases abroad, both were pounced upon by the cops from the Anti-Speeding Division when they stopped over to pay at a toll booth.

As Clarkson quotes “You would be advised to pay attention to what happened next. Because the on-the-spot fine was everything we had in our wallets. We were left penniless. And they took away our driving licences. No court case. No arguing. Nothing.”

The Top-Gear Duo was also banned from driving in France for the next three months which meant that the next series of Top Gear would be majorly shot in Italy.

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