SJOBA Thunderbolt Rally 2010 – Day Two – 20th March, 2010

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Sjoba Rally 2010

The second leg of  23rd SJOBA rally was flagged off from ST.JOHNS school chandigarh on 20th march 2010 at 7 am. The first to roll out at 6.30 am were the participants in the endurance trial,in which 30 teams were competing,including the team of Bollywood actress Gul Panang.This category was based on time,speed and distance format.

Sjoba Rally 2010

At 7 am,all the gypsies in the challenge rally were flagged off. The first to race off was the team of Suresh Rana and Ashwin Naik. In the cars category, 12 cars were flagged off and in the bikes category 29 participants were flagged off.

Sjoba Rally 2010

From ST.John”s the rallyists raced to Trilokpur and then Morni from where they reached Mallah. After that they sped on to Naintakar,Dilman,Kangar,Marhighat,Narag,Ashinikhad and Jhaja to arrive at Chail Palace. From there they moved to Chalada,Tehra and Koti village to Reach Koti Resorts,where the second leg ended.

Words by Harkamal Singh

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