Simple Energy Electric Scooter Promises 280+km Range, 103 kmph Top Speed At INR 1.1 Lakh

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The electric two-wheeler revolution in India reminds us of the dot com boom where ideas were floated initially and while some got entangled in the web, some are now billion-dollar businesses. Coming back to the topic, a new electric two-wheeler startup called Simple Energy is making tall claims about its new electric scooter.

Before we get to the product, the company is bootstrapped with Rs 1.3 crore and will be raising 1 million dollars by next month. Its “Mark 2” production models are ready, which will be launched by February 2021. Production will commence at a 50,000 unit capacity plant in Yelahanka, Bangalore in June – July 2021.

Simple energy electric scooter rear and front

What appears to be a thoroughly modern design, the yet to be named e-scooter by Simple Energy is looking to redefine the performance e-scooter space with a claimed top speed of 103 kph and battery range upwards of 280km! If those claims turn out to be real and the scooter is sensibly priced, we could be looking at a real electric alternative to conventional two-wheelers. Mentioned below are some salient features of the upcoming product:

Simple energy electric scooter

  • Range: 280+ km
  • Charging time: 40 minutes at home and 17 minutes at a charging station
  • Top speed: 103 kmph and 0-50 in 3.1 seconds
  • Dashboard: 7inch touch display IP67 rating with 4G connectivity
  • Battery Type: li-ion and removable lightweight battery
  • The product will be sold between 1,00,000- 1,10,000
  • 80-90 % of the scooter is made & developed in India

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Simple energy electric scooter profile

The company will start operations with four experience centres in each major city and two in smaller cities, with exclusive dealerships for service centres. The products will be sold via the company’s website and online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The brainchild of 24-year old Suhas Rajkumar, who is the company’s founder, the scooter with its minimalist appearance does look the part and although we are yet to see a production version, if it comes out looking like that, with those specs and at that price, we are sure many would be lining up to pick one for themselves.

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  • Mohan Nanwani says:

    Does it not seem like an exaggerating claim in terms of specifications. To offer a range of TATA Nexon and cost 1/15th of that (though they are both different product) it would need to compress the battery by at least 10 times. Unless there is a breakthrough technology that would kill the ICE forever (faster than we ever thought) it is plan marketing. Will wait for a product like this though. Please count me in guys.