Should You Pay To Pre-book The New Yamaha R15 V3 Just Yet?

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One of India’s most loved entry-level sports bikes, the Yamaha R15 V3 is expected to be launched at the upcoming Auto Expo 2018. Like its predecessor, the third generation R15 borrows styling cues from the latest iteration of their flagship, the litre-class R1 and comes loaded with go-fast tech. Naturally then, the bike has generated immense interest prior to its official launch. Ready with a booking amount, interested buyers have been keeping the phones at Yamaha dealerships busy and we followed in their footsteps to find out if the R15 V3 can be booked right away.


We called four Yamaha dealerships in Mumbai to ascertain if bookings have officially begun since there has been no such announcement from the bike maker. The first call was made to one of Yamaha’s prominent dealers in Mumbai, from where we’ve picked up media bikes in the past. They straightaway mentioned that the R15 V3 will be launched next month and the first lot of bikes will arrive in showrooms in the month of March. When asked if one can book the bike right away, the lady at the other end said that unless official prices have been announced, they won’t be able to do that.


The person who answered the phone at the second dealership had the same answer. Only this time, he said that although they aren’t accepting any bookings currently, interested buyers can register their name and number with them. Once the bike has been launched or bookings open, they will be called back. The third dealership gave us a weird answer, where the lady went on to say that the bike was launched in Delhi a year ago, but is yet to arrive in Mumbai. When probed further, she said that a nationwide launch will happen next month and they will accept bookings only after that.

The fourth call was answered by a well-informed gentleman who explained that some dealerships are accepting unofficial bookings, although they don’t indulge in such practices. He reiterated that in all probability, the bike will be launched next month but he can’t accept a booking amount when he’s himself unaware of the bike’s sticker price and details. You may check with your local Yamaha dealership too, however, be careful before you pay a booking amount. If you still do, at least ensure it is refundable.

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