Shell Lubricants launches Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30 in collaboration with tata motors

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Shell Rimula T5

Shell Lubricants, in collaboration with TATA Motors, has launched SHELL RIMULA T5 E 10W-30 which delivers more than 3% savings on fuel equivalent to INR 40,000 per truck per year. A new addition to the Rimula portfolio of heavy-duty diesel engine oils, the product uses a combination of semi-synthetic base oils (GTL) and high-performance additives which help in delivering fuel economy and protects under the full range of operating pressures and temperatures found in Tata engines, thereby meeting the needs of heavy-duty truck and bus fleets operators.

According to the market insights by Transport Business India, the cost of ownership is a huge concern where fuel efficiency becomes important to fleet owners. Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30 claims to have the potential to save almost INR 40,000 per annum for a truck which has an oil drain interval of 60000 KM. According to Shell, the product delivers wear protection and long oil life in Tata engines fitted with 697/497 4SP BS-III and BS-IV and other advanced engines. The product also provides the ability to improve cold starting and reduce fuel consumption.

The product is now available across the country and is priced at INR 399 per litre for a 15 litre pack (small packs).

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