Shell Lubricants introduce India’s first Lifetime Engine Warranty for cars

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Shell Lubricants has introduced a first-of-its-kind warranty for the Indian market as the lubricants manufacturer announced the launch of ‘Shell Helix Ultra Lifetime Engine Warranty’. Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology, the first motor oil made from natural gas, was launched in India last year. On Shell Helix Ultra, Shell is unveiling a engine warranty program for up to 15 years/1,80,000kms.

This lifetime engine warranty will be available exclusively for Indian-registered cars using Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology and will cover lubricant-related engine failures. In addition, a limited period warranty of five years/180,000kms is also offered to consumers using Shell Helix HX7. Car owners using Shell Helix Ultra or Shell Helix HX7 across India can avail this engine warranty program free of cost by registering on the Shell Lubricants’ official Lifetime Engine Warranty website.

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The Warranty starts 30 days or 1,000 Km run (whichever is later) after enrollment. The enrolment has to take place within 60 days from the purchase date (as documented by transaction receipt) of Shell Helix Ultra/Shell Helix HX7 engine oil and engine oil change. The Lifetime Engine Warranty will cover 13 engine parts.

However, there are a few ifs and buts. You are eligible to get the free engine warranty if:

  • You have bought Shell Helix Ultra or Shell Helix HX7
  • Your car is under eight years old
  • Your car has done less than 80,000 kms (sedan) / 60,000 kms (hatchback)

Lifetime Warranty is a limited warranty for 13 engine parts:

  • Crankshaft
  • Big end and main bearings
  • Connected rod
  • Gudgeon pin
  • Piston and piston rings
  • Valves
  • Engine block
  • Cylinder head
  • Gear & Chains
  • Camshaft
  • Cam followers
  • Bore / liner
  • Turbocharger

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Moreover, only personal vehicles, registered in India, are eligible for this program. Vehicles which are registered or leased for commercial purposes like taxis; or are used in competitive sports; or are subject to abnormal driving conditions or used outside intercity roads; or use LPG (liquefied petroleum gas); or use non-factory fitted CNG (compressed natural gas) kits; or whose engine was chip-tuned or re-built or replaced do not qualify for the Lifetime Warranty.

For more details and T&C, please visit the official website here.

Shell’s latest innovation in lubricant technology – motor oils made from natural gas – was made possible by Shell PurePlus Technology. This Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) process converts natural gas into a crystal-clear base oil and is claimed to receive none of the impurities found in crude oil. The manufacturer also claims that this enables Shell Helix Ultra to provide superior wear and corrosion protection, deliver up to 3% fuel economy, offer superior resistance to oil degradation, and reduced oil consumption because of better lower volatility properties.

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