Sewells Group Partners with National Skill Development Corporation

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Sewells Group recently entered into a partnership with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), India to promote skill development in automotive retail area. As part of this partnership, Sewells Group India has floated a 73:27 joint venture with NSDC that will focus on developing skilled manpower for auto dealerships. The joint venture company is called SkillSource Learning and Technologies Private Limited (SkillSource). SkillSource, over next 10 years, will open and operate 40 technical training centers across India that will train 400,000 people and deploy them in auto dealerships. These training centers will operate under the brand name of “National Technical Institute”.

Melbourne based Sewells Group is a leading provider of training solutions to automotive companies across Asia Pacific, Africa & Middle East Regions. Sewells Group closely works with the leading automotive brands. Sewells Group India is a leading provider of automotive training solutions in India.

NSDC is a first-of-its-kind Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in India that facilitates skill development. It is a Not- for- Profit Company set up by the Ministry of Finance. Government of India accounts for 49% of NSDC equity while the private sector has the balance 51%.NSDC acts as a catalyst in skill development by providing funding to enterprises, companies and organizations that provide skill training.

Dilip Chenoy, CEO of NSDC said on the occasion, “Looking at the significance of auto industry in our economy, a skill development effort focussed on this industry will certainly provide rich dividends both from social and economic perspectives. We are excited about this project.

Sewells Group India CEO Jayesh Jagasia said “Skill Shortage is a global phenomenon which does not have an easy solution. India can build a huge comparative advantage by focusing on skill development. Getting this right is of immense strategic value to our nation and we are committed to it.

Himanshu Dhamesha, Business Head of SkillSource said, “Automotive dealerships in India are going to require Approximately 25 Lac additional people over next decade or so, with majority in front line after-sales and sales positions. This presents a huge challenge to the industry and an opportunity for an expert training company like ours to provide the trained manpower to the industry. While our skill development effort will focus on auto retail, we hope to be the role model for other skill development initiatives in the country.

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