September this year was the best ever month for Mercedes Benz

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German premium car maker Mercedes Benz has announced that the month of September this year was the car maker’s best ever month in terms of sales.

During last month, the famous German luxury car maker managed to deliver as many as 142,994 cars across the globe. This is the highest number of cars it has sold in any month since 87 years of its existence. Mercedes sales that the new A Class, the CLA and the comprehensively updated E Class (seen in the image) have played an important role in this mean feat. Out of the total sales, half came from the continent of Europe, where Mercedes Benz sold 71,085 cars. In Asia, the car maker sold 39,013 vehicles.

Out of entire Asia, the car maker sold the most number of cars in China. China is among the fastest growing markets for luxury cars and a major chunk (read: 21.2 per cent or 20375 cars) of car maker’s sale in Sept 2013 came from this country.

Japan turned out the be the fastest growing market for the car maker, as Mercedes Benz registered a rise of 31.4 percent in car sales here. In United States, the car maker sold 24,697 units in September 2013. This translates into a seven percent growth on comparison with sales by car maker during September 2012.

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