Sepang Clash: MotoGP to overhaul stewards structure, Dorna not to be a part of sanctioning body

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Rossi vs Marquez Sepang Clash 2015

The after shock of the Sepang clash between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez continues to affect the world of motoring sport as MotoGP plans to overhaul the stewards structure. In the most recent update, Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta told Spanish newspaper Marca that the company will not be a part of the sanctioning body.

Ezpeleta said, “We’ve taken a series of measures that will be made public when they are approved by the Grand Prix Commission. There were people who accused us of having acted based on our own interests. They said: ‘this was decided this way because it’s beneficial to Dorna from a mediatic point of view’. That has a very easy solution: we will not be a part of the sanctioning body. It’s a job which appears to make our lives more complicated and that’s something we don’t need, so Dorna will not be a part of the sanctioning body anymore.”

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The Sepang leg of the 2015 MotoGP World Championship saw Rossi and Marques collide during the Malaysian Grand Prix, leaving Marquez on the ground. Rossi was handed a last place start for the Valencia title showdown as punishment. The punishment was heavily criticised by fans across the world as Valencia was the last race of the season with Rossi leading the race for the world championship title with five points ahead of team mate Jorge Lorenzo.

Ezpeleta spoke to the duo after the incident. He explained, “I’ve talked to them. After they’ve cooled down they have to know they are adults and that they have to do what they think they have to do. I was with Marquez in Austria and with Valentino in Barcelona. Most of us know what happened, but it’s not worth continuing to talk about it.”

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