Scoop! Honda Fireblade with touchscreen, multi-mode suspension

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Some die-hard followers of ‘Motorcycle News (MCN)’ have spotted the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade doing the rounds with a set of sparkling new, golden forks! What they have indeed spotted is the touchscreen-interface multi-mode suspension system from Ohlins undergoing testing on the ‘blade. MCN claims that this is the first time a road going bike has been fitted with such a suspension unit.

We would love to see the Fireblade incorporating these electronically operated forks. However, considering that Ohlins is a company partly owned by Yamaha and the fact that Honda has a shareholding in suspension experts, Showa, we are a tad confused. Is this a Honda testing procedure for their next Fireblade upgrade, or is this Ohlins’ testing for a Fireblade application of their new suspension? Considering the fact the photos were taken in Spain, near the Ohlins’ headquarters, the latter seems to hold more weight…

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Source: MCN

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